Independence Gold Corp.

(Advanced Exploration)


Client Highlights & Milestones


  • Provided “Qualified Person” status for information sign off
  • Designed and executed winter diamond drilling campaigns
  • Completed a metallurgical, mineralogical and deportment study for gold and silver recoveries
  • Applied for and successfully received new exploration permits
  • Compiled data to complete a mineral resource update
  • Navigated applications for necessary archeological permits
  • Studied a brownfield site for potential reclamation work, including pollutant sampling, soil quality data and vegetation surveys


Hive was initially engaged by Independence Gold Corp (TSX.V:IGO) in 2018 to recompile 30-years of historical data gathered at their 3Ts project in central British Columbia. This data included drill, trench, soil and surface sampling information since Teck had the site in the mid-1990’s. The project focusses on low-sulphidation epithermal veins that host gold and silver.

In 2019, Independence approached Andy Randell to be their QP on newly generated field data and to help guide their team. Since then, Hive’s role has increased to include running drilling programs, new mapping campaigns, permit renewals, site reclamation, resource updates, metallurgical studies and First Nations consultation.

Diamond Drilling Campaign


Hive was asked to design and build a budget for a 5,000 metre diamond drilling program to be completed during the winter (February to April 2022). The program included a single drill with two crew shifts (24-hour drilling). Drill holes were plotted to satisfy three objectives: infill along mineralized quartz veins, step-out drilling to test strike of veins, and confirmation work to increase reliability of historically generated assays. The program budget was just over $1million. Hive provided the technical staff (geologists, geotechnicians, core cutters), and arranged contracts with outside services such as drillers, heavy equipment, assaying and camp facility providers.

Highlights from the program included:

  • 30.10 metres grading 4.99 grams per tonne gold and 53.3 grams per tonne silver (Tommy Vein)
  • 26.70 metres grading 8.00 grams per tonne gold and 49.48 grams per tonne silver (Ted-Mint Veins)
  • 15.78 metres grading 2.26 grams per tonne gold and 150.76 grams per tonne silver (Ted-Mint Veins)

The Hive team also studied the core and assays for signs of chemical zonation which is typical through an epithermal system. The classic precious metal horizons were noted and placed in relation to structural controls such as downthrown blocks or erosion and were found to be largely intact. For the first time the copper-lead-zinc was also studied and found to be increasing at depth as the model predicted (base metal horizons). This has proven vital for future drill targeting and potential.

Metallurgical Study


In partnership with SGS Labs, we recovered two sets of samples representing the main veins on the project. Through a process of crushing, gravity separation, floatation and then cyanide leaching, we managed to recover up to 97.9% of the gold and 95.5% of the silver from the samples. To make the most of the samples and testing, reject material was also subjected to QEMSCAN (scanning electron microscope) mapping which identified the main species of minerals and the deportment of the gold / silver and whether liberation could be improved through tweaking the three-stage recovery circuit.

Exploration Permitting


Independence Gold held an exploration permit for the 3Ts project which was due to expire in September 2022. Knowing that the application process can take some time, Hive submitted a new permit application in November 2021. This included a general three-year plan for the project which means forethought has to be given to the trajectory of the program and the overall goals / milestones.

Permitting is modernizing to reflect many other aspects of exploration activities within British Columbia, so to support the application we also undertook outreach with the Ulkathco First Nations to learn more about their long-term land management goals so that we can work these into our plan. We also obtained an Archeological Permit for the site due to the high potential for artifacts on the site, specifically around lakes and waterways. By obtaining this permit and talking with Ulkatcho we are completing our due diligence on the site and have a workable management plan.

Independence Gold was awarded a new exploration permit in early September 2022, which allowed for the following activities over the next three years:

  • Surface drilling from a maximum of 75 sites
  • Trenching and test pits across a maximum of 60 sites
  • Up to 10 km of new trail construction
  • Geophysical surveys with exposed electrodes up to 160 line km

Resource Update


Following the compilation work and the results from the 2022 drill program, Hive worked with SGS Labs to create an updated mineral resource, effective 18th August 2022. This resource took a different approach to the last one in 2014 (before a several-year long hiatus in exploration activity at the site) as it divided the models into an in-pit resource and then an underground element (this is due to the presence of a horizontal microdiorite sill which bisects the deposit).

The updated numbers showed an increase in both gold and silver ounces compared to the previous 2014 calculation, and was based of an additional 10,000m of drilling.


Site Reclamation


Independence Gold signed an agreement to use an old forestry camp site in 2012 which was outside of the project boundaries. This was a 10-year lease that expired in 2022 and requires the site to be remediated.

Hive found an engineering group to work alongside and undertook several site visits to test for pollutants, study natural regeneration and inspect any left over infrastructure. We also flew drone imagery and completed vegetation and soil survey pits across the site.

It was found that the natural regeneration is proceeding well and creating a “refugia” for species that are otherwise surrounded by fire burn or pine beetle infestations. Some work is required to remove old electrical wiring from the camp (which itself was removed several years before).


Graphics & Presentations


Hive continues to maintain the corporate presentation with Independence Gold, creating maps and diagrams to convey data to investors and the public. This includes high definition photography of samples using our macro and 360 camera rigs.