Think Differently.

Exploration is changing, and we are changing exploration

Field Solutions

Hive offers a range of services to support field operations, from short mapping exercises to full drill program management.

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Digital Support

The digital revolution has arrived in exploration and Hive has several solutions to assist you in building and telling your story.

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Open Workspaces

Our Vancouver office has equipment and space to help clients build their projects, meet with people and conduct studies.

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Modern &  Inclusive Consulting Strategies

What Is Hive?

Hive is a consulting concept that aims to satisfy the needs of our clients whilst embracing  the energy and ideas of the next generation of geoscientists entering the industry. By offering structured mentoring through real world opportunities, we are helping to ensure a trained , knowledgable and ethusiastic workforce for the future.


By bridging the gap between academia and the workplace, we are helping smooth the transition and produce a 'field ready' workforce.


Universities are teaching students about cutting edge technology, and Hive helps to bring those concepts into the workplace.


New geoscientists entering the industry can do so with confidence having been exposed to real-world exploration projects.


Working with undergraduates often allows a company to access facilities within a University department that will enhance scientific knowledge.