Choose expert  GEOSCIENTISTS       for your next exploration project     Specialists inBRITISH COLUMBIAN      and Yukon geology     Experienced withPERMITTING        and lands management     Knowledgeable inGOLD SILVER COPPER    and emerging Critical Minerals Offering creative solutions withENVIRONMENTAL SENSITIVITY         in mind Unique IMAGING & DRONE         equipment to showcase your project
Choose expert  GEOSCIENTISTS       for your next exploration project
    Specialists inBRITISH COLUMBIAN      and Yukon geology
    Experienced withPERMITTING        and lands management
    Knowledgeable inGOLD SILVER COPPER    and emerging Critical Minerals
Offering creative solutions withENVIRONMENTAL SENSITIVITY         in mind
Unique IMAGING & DRONE         equipment to showcase your project

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SGDS Hive is a Vancouver-based geological consulting company with a vision to provide progressive, science-based solutions for our clients.

Established in 2013 by geologist Andy Randell, the company has grown to become one of the leading groups on the Vancouver exploration scene. Our team has a diverse range of skills and backgrounds with international experience. 

Whether your project is data compilation or devising and executing a mulit-drill exploration program, we can help.

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Hive has been honoured by receiving two awards for our concept and contribution to the exploration community.

In 2016, founder Andy Randell was awarded the Canadian Institute of Mining Bedford Young Leaders Award for the Hive concept and its ability to deliver projects to clients whilst finding ways to incorporate students, graduates and underemployed people into the industry. 

Then in 2020, Andy and the Hive Team was given the Association for Mineral Exploration Special Tribute Award for its ongoing work ethic, dedication to mentoring, and the establishment of a Digital Museum through our sister company, the non-profit Below BC. 

Our Senior Geologist, Dr. Olga Ankindinova, has twice won the Chevron Rising Star award (2016 / 2017) for her work solving complex geological problems in large scale depositional basins and optimization of drill hole planning. 


How we can help

Our Services

The process of exploration has many facets where elements must work together to create an end product. These days it can be hard to breakdown these elements into “silos”, so we look at each project as an “organic evolution” whereby our assistance will morph and grown with the project demands. 

The first steps of any exploration project are vital for determining the viability of a site in the long term.

Hive can assist with this through historical data compilation, site visits, prospecting, mapping and sampling

We will then draft detailed reports that will help our clients make the right decisions for the next phase, if recommended. We can also assist you with filing reports and assessment costs with the government.

Hive can help you manage your portfolio of claims and mineral tenures, including mining leases and crown lands.

Our services include staking, projection of necessary expenditures and filing reports to keep ground in good standing.

As your project grows, Hive is there to navigate the permitting system on your behalf, from exploration to water use and construction.

These methods usually come into affect once a project has attained certain permits.

We have a broad range of experience in devising and running advanced programs such as year-round drilling, trenching etc.

We also have a great network of other consultants to provide services for geophysical survey work, LIDAR surveys, hypospectral analyis, mine engineering, road design etc. 

The Hive team has a great experience base and so can assist with advanced studies such as metallurgical testing, thin sections, QEMSCAN studies and the completion of National Instrument 43-101 reports

We pride ourselves on completing work that has a minimal environmental impact. But in the cases where we might have to disturb ground (or inherit a brownfield site), we can design suitable reclamation programs and work with government and other local agencies to ensure compliance. 

Hive can also supply baseline studies for water, wildlife and botanicals, and monitor site development and impact. 

Respectful and timely dialogue with First Nations peoples is essential for the long term success of any project. 

Hive has experience with several BC and Yukon based groups from initial contact to building mutually beneficial business relationships. 

Through our sister company, Below BC, we can offer community outreach and educational sessions for our clients that provides a valuable engagement opportunities for local schools or community groups. 

The Hive team have successfully helped many companies translate their scientific data into appealing and readable material for public dissemination.

Using products like Adobe Create Suite, our in-house high definition camera systems and a creative flair we can produce professional presentations, posters, websites and news releases to assist your marketing efforts.

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Awesome Team

GIS Specialist

Allan Jacobs

GIS Specialist
Founder & Principal Geoscientist

Andy Randell PGeo.

Founder & Principal Geoscientist
Environmental Technician

David Wilkie

Environmental Technician
Logistics / Administration

Jennifer Sly

Logistics / Administration

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Project Portfolio

We have a bad habit of acquiring interesting projects around British Columbia to study and grow! Once they have been cultivated long enough, then they are ripe for the picking through optioning or purchase! Read more about our current portfolio below.

The Copper Crown project lies in Archean to Paleozoic sediments found 30km west of Invermere, British Columbia. The valley has a long history of mining, mainly chasing high-grade gold or silver-lead-zinc veins from surface in small operations. Most of these ceased in the early 1900’s and since then exploration has been sporadic.

Through our research, we has started to identify copper anomalies associated with sandstones and dolomites of the Dutch Creek Formation, which is the equivalent of the copper-bearing Gateway-Sheppard Formations to the south (Koocanusa) and the Hecla Mines in Montana.

Initial fieldwork in 2022 found thick layers of porous sandstone that was cemented by copper carbonates such as malachite and azurite, returning 1.5% copper through XRF testing. It is proposed that a “slab” of cupiferous sandstone and dolomite is folded into the stratigraphy of the Copper Crown Mountain. 

We do also see the traditional polymetallic veins which host sulphide minerals such as chalcopyrite and galena, returning anomalous silver, lead, zinc and cobalt numbers.

In 2023 we will be returning to the site to complete systematic sampling surveys, stratigraphic studies and collect structural data. 



Newly acquired project in a unique belt of geology east of Prince George. Historical drilling for coal found several seams separated by sedimentary sequences, with uranium-bearing conglomerates and vanadium-rich shales. Several instances of high-grade germanium were noted in the drilling associated with zinc. The coal itself bears industrial-grade amber and is a potential source for rare earth elements. 

The Doctors Point project is located on the western side of Harrison Lake, approximately 2 hours drive from Vancouver.

The site consists of several large sheeted quartz-carbonate vein systems that host high-grade gold and silver. These veins are exposed at surface and in road cuts over a 3km strike which remains open to the southeast and northwest. In 2022, Hive sampled the Providence vein 2.5km to the southeast which returned promising gold and silver grades suggesting that the system could continue. 

The project is road accessible and recently BC Hydro completed a power generation station within the project tenure.

Details Pending

Details Pending

Providing opportunities for

Future Geoscientists

Hive knows that the future of our industry relies on appealing to the younger generation and giving them the opportunities they need to learn and thrive while at school and post-graduation.

Desktop Studies


One of the best ways to learn is through exposure to real data. We often take on large data projects where a team leader from Hive guides students through the digitization process, educating them along the way on what the data means. Clients have included the likes of Barrick or Val Ore who approached us with massive amounts of unorganised data and we work it into a useable, audited format. 

Cardiff University – Exploration Geology Program


Andy Randell is an alumni of Cardiff University (Wales, UK) and wanted to give back to the Earth and Ocean Science department. So for several years now we have been able to offer field positions to undergraduates to gain experience in Canada whilst collecting data for their final year dissertations. 

In 2022, Hive gave me the opportunity to join their summer field season to gather data for my University dissertation. This was the perfect opportunity to find out if this was the career choice for me. During my eight weeks at Hive I developed multiple skills due the support offered by the team. I got first-hand experience on data techniques such as pXRF analysis and assay sampling that you don’t experience in university. The entire experience was thoroughly enjoyable, the Hive ‘family’ are such a great group of people to work with that I am heading back in 2023 after graduation.

Oliver Morris, 2022  

(Pictured to the left using our backpack drill to retrieve shallow core samples)

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