Fieldwork & Operations

Getting into the field is core to any geological consultancy, and we are always ready to help … 
  • Comprehensive planning of programs, including target generation, budgets and subcontractors 
  • Government liaison, permitting, lands management and social licence
  • Field services include surface mapping, trenching, soil surveys, geophysical surveys, drilling and environmental testing 
  • Recommend best procedures for assaying and analysis, including the production of program-specific documentation 
  • All Chain of Custody and QAQC 
  • Compilation of information into database and GIS products 
  • Experience in all terrains and environments, from tundra to tropic

Some of our adventures ...

Stunning Yukon Fall, Silvertrail
Discovering a Lost Valley
Zinc, Moss and Ancient Worms
Gold in the Neighbourhood

The “Lost Valley” project area was part of the IDM Mining Red Mountain property near Stewart in northwestern British Columbia.

The valley has seen a dramatic recession of glacial ice, with the tongue of the Cambria Icefield almost completely disappearing since the 1990’s. This has left a dramatic valley exposed and ripe for exploration.

Hive geologists spent several months exploring the valley, mapping and sampling new exposures of sulphide-rich quartz veins. This led to the discovery of several new high-grade gold targets, including the “Randell Vein”, named after Hive geologist, Andy Randell. A 20-meter chip sample of the vein average 6.46g/t Au and 35.0g/t Ag.

Our client, Fireweed Zinc, contracted Hive to spend three weeks on their Tom-Jason project on the Yukon and NWT border.

They are working on a stratified VMS style zinc deposit that sit within an active sedimentary succession. Our geologists were tasked with mapping and sampling across the site to understand the stratigraphy and structural geology in order to trace productive seams or to find new areas.

We took traditional approaches but also studied the distributions of zinc and lead loving moss species that grow on the site. We also used paleontology to identify potentially anoxic environments which are favorable for mineralization.

The McConnells Jest property is along the Silver Trail Highway, between the towns of Mayo and Keno in the central Yukon.

Our client had an interesting granodioritic intrusion with several anomalous gold zones, bearing more than a passing resemblance to the neighbouring Eagle Gold Deposit (Victoria Gold). With that project advancing to extraction and first pour, there was an appetite to discover satellite deposits.

Hive geologists mapped the entire property and discovered auriferous sheeted quartz veins in several locations at McConnells Jest. The property was subsequently picked up by Zonte Minerals and diamond drilled.