SGDS Hive Is Growing … and still Innovating!

It has been quite the year so far for SGDS Hive – we have taken on several new clients including IDM Mining and Commander Resources, helped numerous graduate geologists get relevant work experience and even permanent jobs, and have assisted in the advancement of several small scale projects in an economically viable way.

In May 2016, Andy Randell (founder of SGDS Hive) was awarded the Canadian Institute of Mining “Bedford Canadian Young Mining Leaders Award” for the Hive concept, and as such wants to continue to grow on that recognition.

So keeping with our reputation for innovation and challenging how projects are executed in the mining and exploration sector, we are pleased to announce that we have engaged Sprout Creative to design and implement unique online project management systems for SGDS Hive.

Hive has enjoyed growing success over the past few years, and the methods of mentoring graduates through real world projects has proven to be a popular concept. As such, we are making our largest single investment in the business, which includes an overhaul of the website and the construction of an online project management system that will be as unique to the industry as Hive is itself. The website will be used to showcase the range of projects that have been tackled using the Hive concept, as well as providing educational resources for graduates and professionals alike. We are also fostering relationships with CTEM and APEGBC to provide professional development courses to assist people to transition from their GiT to PGeo status, and again the website will provide the platform to facilitate that.

Sprout Creative is a design agency based in Vancouver and who have completed several projects related to the mining industry, including the ‘Living the Mining Dream’ video for the BC HR Taskforce, and the website for the Pacific Center for Isotopic and Geochemical Research.

The project will be executed over the next few months, and we will keep you up to date on progress. In the meantime, we will continue our work of economically assisting our exploration and mining clients whilst providing much needed opportunities for graduate geoscientists.

If you have any questions / comments, then please email

Thank you to everyone in the LinkedIn Community and beyond who have supported Hive through the past few years and contributed to its growth and success!

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