Project Management


We love managing your projects, and have enjoyed executing of small, one-off studies right through to running entire field seasons for our clients.

As the project manager, we can help to plan, budget, oversee and document all aspects of the specific project you are working on. We work closely with upper management and all other stakeholders to make sure that the scope and direction of each project is on schedule, as well as other departments for support. 

We can easily scale up staffing to accommodate your project too, from a sole geoscientist to entire, multidisciplinary teams. 


Data Compilation


One thing our industry is great at is creating data; geochemical, geological, drill records …. the list goes on, resulting in digital drives burgeoning with gigabytes – or terabytes – of information.

Data management and analysis became a core service for Hive, as it often allows for a small group of geoscientists to be exposed to such datasets and work through analytical problems often faced within the industry. 

Data compilation work allows us to compile large and often disconnected files, which can then be analyzed using statistical techniques to identify trends or patterns. The information can also be cleaned and groomed into new databases by the team for easy integration.



Technical Writing


Report writing has varied applications, and we have experience in writing technical reports, news releases, guides, manuals and other documentation.

Some documents require a universal approach, and so we can help explain complex scientific and technical ideas through documents and presentations / illustrations. 

Many of our reports are related to NI 43-101 technical documents, and we are happy to study data, maps and other relevant data to incorporate into the final report, including site visits where necessary.


Lab Studies


We can also take your data, or samples, and kick it up a notch and complete a variety of lab studies for you. We have forged great relationships with various analytical outfits and can help with geochemical, mineralogical or metallurgical studies, such as thin-section or QEMSCAN work.

On staff we have expertise in paleontology, a skill that is becoming rare in Western Canada, which can be applied to dating rocks, paleoenvironmental reconstruction and other applications. 

Much of this crosses over with our Project Management and Data Compilation roles, whereby we can expand on an original project and add value through these extended studies.


Geological Fieldwork


This is the one that ties it all together. Geological fieldwork is at the core of our industry and we love it! Our exploration geologists are responsible for identifying and assessing the location, quantity and quality of mineral deposits in larger programs, or can be used to specifically deal with one aspect of a program.

Although projects are generally minerals based, we have had been lucky enough to be engaged in other ‘pure geology’ mapping projects, including sedimentary mapping.

We wont just leave you with a string of data though, our deliverables include reports, maps, illustrations and a solid dataset for you to accession into your company portfolio, and hopefully a few questions answered!




Our environmental arm is young, but we are developing this specifically as an integral service to compliment any fieldwork, linking it closely to exploration activities on project sites.

We conduct baseline studies on local flora / fauna populations, as well as test water / soils to create a predisturbance record. We work to prevent environmental degradation, public health threats, and violations of the laws that protect both the environment and the public, standards that when conducted at an early stage can help direct a program and keep a company in good standing with local communities and First Nations groups.