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How has Hive helped our clients?

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Digitizing Old Drill Logs

195 historic drill logs spanning three decades of exploration activity, and all required within 10 days … 

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Geological Library

Our client wanted to create a tool to teach new geologists about rocks on a project, as well as promoting their project to investors.

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Case Study: Digitizing Old Core Logs







The Issue: Our client approached us with a very common problem: boxes upon boxes of old drill data. In this case, they had a total of 195 drill logs that were collected over three decades from a newly acquired project. Not only did the information need to be transferred into a useable database, but the variances between logging styles of past companies and geologists needed to be verified and consolidated.  The client had a tight timeline – 10 days – as the informaiton needed to be made available to generate an updated resource calculation.

The Solution: We assigned a project manager from our core team to perform a first pass at the data. From this, an index sheet was created and all the logs placed in a secure online location for access by the workgroup. Due to the tight time constraints, were were able to draft in 23 students, graduates and geologists to help digitise the data. As all the work was completed online, the team was located all over North America.

The Cost: We find in these cases that as there is a finite number of logs to be completed, we could charge the client a fixed rate per log. This accounted for the varying length of the logs but also allowed our client to budget effectively.

The Outcome: Our client had their work completed on time and in a useable format that could be incorporated into models immediately. They also helped 23 graduates get exposed to drill logs and learn about the geology of an area. Among the team, 3 were women returning to the industry after having children, and so were looking for time-flexible projects that they could take part in to hone their skills and update their resumes. 

Case Study: Creating a Geological Library







The Issue: This company approached Hive to come up with an innovative way of recording the suite of rocks on their project in British Columbia that could then be used to train existing and new geological staff. By creating an internal, digital ‘museum’ of specimens, it meant that staff could access it anytime and anywhere. This allowed them to become familair not only with lithologies present at the project, but also significant styles of alteration and mineralization that they will encounter during logging and field work.

The Solution: Hive took a selection of surface and core samples from across the site (provided by the company) and used our 360 Camera Rig to capture high quality images of each specimen. We also gathered a suite of detailed macro photos that could be mounted onto each image as an interactive ‘hot spot’.

The Cost: Hive has a flat rate cost for photographing each specimen, although we were able to offer a discount because of the number of samples being processed. This was important to the client as it allowed them to budget for the project effectively.

The Outcome: What we produced was an excellent tool for a simple approach to educating a workforce ahead of arriving at a site, whilst ensuring continuity in the observations being made by the team. Vital geological data was added to each specimen that could then be interacted with on screen, allowing the geologists to become familiar a wide range of aspects of the rocks.