Dr. Olga Ankindinova


Olga is a strong research-oriented professional. Demonstrated history of working in the environmental sector, university environment, Oil and Gas and Mining industries. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Geology, followed by a Master’s degree in Marine Geology with an emphasis on stream sediment transport and accumulation. Her Ph.D. project at Memorial University of Newfoundland was focused on High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of the world’s largest anoxic basin and involved work with geological, geochemical, and geophysical datasets. Her work was published in highly visible journals e.g., Marine Geology, Paleo3 and presented in national and international conferences.

During her career, Olga worked on a number of projects contributing as a specialist in sedimentation in different depositional environments. During her Ph.D. program she worked with Husky Energy Inc. in St. John’s, in the Development Team (Offshore Newfoundland). Her projects were focused on the development optimization and assisting in well planning by focusing on geological characteristics of formation.

Olga is passionate about solving complex geological problems and paleo-reconstructions. She was twice awarded the Chevron Canada Rising Star Award.

Outside her job you can meet her in the North Shore hiking, biking and skiing with her children.