Evan Fortoul


Evan was born and raised in the Alps his love for the mountains, the landscapes, the great outdoor and the rock formations came naturally.

He made his passion his studies and graduated from two engineering courses which applied to geology. The first one about pure geology and the purpose of minerals and their extraction. The second one about sedimentology, reservoir properties, time and deposit environment of units, and the sustainable way to valuate Earth resources.

After several successful internships in major international French companies, and international experiences, he has acquired strong skills in various fields such as : wells/geophysics analysis and interpretation, land acquisition, community relationships, deposit monitoring and prospecting.

He scored two awards with innovative competitive exams hosted by major French companies, giving him a strong reputation in his early stages. This allowed him to forge his stripes in the quarry industry working for Eiffage, in the south of France. There he was able to improve his skills in team management, drilling planning and interpretation, land acquisition, modeling and prospecting. During this time, he opened two new aggregate quarries and the successfully extended three others under challenging situations.

Following his desire for new adventures and challenges, he switched from the sedimentary basins of France to the magmatic terranes of western Canada to fulfil his curiosity for geology and to broaden his knowledge further.