Golden Sky Minerals



Client Highlights & Milestones


  • Collaborated with Golden Sky to unite their Rayfield project with our Vidette and Mowich projects
  • Completed ground magnetic geophysics, prospecting, mapping and soil sampling grids
  • Defining several mineralized systems, including copper porphyries and epithermal gold deposits
  • Rediscovered a lost mineral showing at the Mowich Project with grades up to 286 g/t gold, 200 g/t silver and 37.46% copper

Hive initially staked the Yard and X projects in 2018, eventually joining them up after seeing strong evidence of a northwest trending copper-enriched shear zone running between each site. Prospecting produced further gold anomalies associated with epithermal systems, and several interesting soil anomalies that seemed to have a porphyry (Cu-Mo) signature. As the understanding of the project area increased, additional targets were defined to the south and staked in 2021, including the Mowich Project some 6km to the south of Vidette.

Meanwhile, Golden Sky staked and took on a large project to the north and contiguous with our project area, known as Rayfield. This was historically explored for copper porphyries, and Golden Sky has worked to define these historic targets. Golden Sky and Hive eventually realised that we had two pieces of the same jigsaw puzzle, and so we optioned our projects to Golden Sky to explore on our behalf. We have maintained an interest in the site however and participated in mapping / prospecting during 2022 which helped define the Mowich target and potentially identify the sources of the copper observed in the field.


Above: Chip samples from the Discovery Showing at the Mowich Project