Geophysical Surveys

In depth ground magnetic surveys will help you define targets and structures … 
  • Partnered with DRM Geological Consulting for geophyiscal surveys
  • Data interpretation and software rendering of imagery
  • Detailed backpack magnetometer geophysical surveys
  • Program planning, mobilization and demobilization
  • Highly experienced GIS and database management
  • Crew training & scheduling

Adding colour to your project ...

Low Sulphide, No Problem

Our client recently acquired property in the Spences Bridge Gold Belt near to the town of Merritt in British Columbia. The property was fairly heavily vegetated and had areas of deep alluvial cover, but in several spots auriferous quartz veins had been found outcropping on surface.

By undertaking a property-wide ground magnetic survey, Hive was able to successfully define several structures that were acting as fluid conduits and forming the veins. 

Follow up field work identified an additional seven gold targets on the property, all of which fell along low-magnetic trends. This work is now being used to design follow up field programs and drill campaigns.