Digital Services


Engaging your audience is key, and Hive can help

We have invested into technology led by student innovation that has allowed us to develop a range of unique services to assist with marketing and outreach.

The key is not only to engage, but to captivate your audience, and whether that in is person, online or in print, we can help you.

360 Images
High Quality Photography
3D Printing
Bespoke Illustration

Hive can capture your samples in a range of high-quality formats, from a single photo to an interactive, 360-degree animation. See below for more details.


Sometimes you have to bring the mountain to you, and 3D printing tecnology allows this with a range of formats and sizes available.

360 Photography

360-degree rotary photogarphy has been used in the retail industry for some time now, but Hive has developed the technology and techniques to capture specimens and turn them into interactive animations that our clients can load onto their websites.

This style of capture also allows us to record specimens before they are sent to a lab for analysis, thus providing a visual, interactive geological record. Data can then be mounted onto the image ina series of ‘hotspots’ that can contain images, text or web links.

Enhanced Curation

Hive has also teamed up with SGS Minerals and Precision Petrographics to offer additional analytical services at a competitive price, including QEMSCAN and thin sectioning. Hive will capture the rock and then manage the acquisition of this other data, mount it as a series of hotspots allowing our client to know everything about the most significant samples from a project.

More Details & Pricing

[advanced_iframe src=”” width=”100%” height=”600″]

Use your mouse or the slider menu to spin, stop or zoom the 360 image. If using a touchscreen, then the image can be manipulated using finger swipes.

3D Terrain Models

The technology for 3D printing has evolved rapidly, and is now readily accessible. At Hive, we have worked with student groups to be able to print terrain models from simple contour files that then can be overlaid by any image you choose: aerial photos, geological maps, infrastructure plans etc.

These models have become essential for trade shows and community outreach where clients want to show people the scale and detail of a project, but perhaps need something more than a simple 2D map and less complex than a 3D digital model.


Make Your Specimens Stand Out

High Quality Photos

If you just need high quality photos of your samples, then we can help! We have our professional light studio conveniently located in our downtown Vancouver office ready to snap those pictures!


Bespoke Illustrations

Sometimes a map isn’t enough

Illustration is useful for conveying ideas in a simplified manner, especially where a map or stock image will not suffice. We can draw something that exactly matches the uniqueness of your project to help you tell your story. We use a combination of hand-drawn images augmented with photoshop that can be used at any scale for web or printed media.


A few other things we’re great at

Data Compilation

We can take large datasets and compile them into useable information!

Tell Us About Your Data!

GIS & Cartography

Need a map made? Maybe you have historic information that needs to be modernized? We can help!

Lets Talk About That Map

Design & Illustration

Science commication is a skill, and bespoke illustrations can help convey your point.

What Can We Design For You?

Geological Modeling

Our entire technical team is Leapfrog trained, and we are happy to create digital models for you.

Let’s Get Building!