Hive Property Portfolio

Hive is working to select exploration properties of merit, based on solid science and rigid selection criteria to de-risk future investments.
  • To select properties, we apply the following criteria to an area to determine the best exploration targets:
    • Step 1: Work in safe and exploration / mining friendly jurisdictions
    • Step 2: Filter all areas out that are currently within mineral tenures
    • Step 3: Discard any potential sites that are within First Nations Treaty Land
    • Step 4: Further distill by removing any projects within parks, ecological reserves or buffers around them
    • Step 5: Remove remaining projects that are within Crown Lands or urban / rural / agricultural developments.
    • Step 6: Highlight properties that are within 5 km of highway infrastructure or within 1 km of any other road / trail access
Number of known mineral showings in British Columbia
Mineral areas that satisfy our search criteria
Number of unclaimed gold projects
Unclaimed gold projects with values >10g/t in samples
Introducing “Legacy” Documents

In addition to the filters we apply for project selection, we have started to build a database from a collection of documents left to us from retiring or recently passed geologists – this is their Legacy that we want to invigorate and keep alive.

We currently have thousands of documents, reports, maps, field notes from all over the world within our collection, and this will continue to grow. By categorizing these files we are starting to make discoveries of  exciting ‘new’ showings that have never been recorded formally in government reports.

The Current Hive Project Portfolio
The current Hive portfolio consists of four claim groups across three areas of British Columbia. The claims have been selected for their recognized prospectivity using our filter methods and Hive’s physical and digital legacy collections.
The three projects  include the  Harrison Lake Project, near Harrison Hot Springs; the Vidette Lake Project northeast of Cache Creek; and the Majestic Project 40 km north of Hope, BC. 
Property Development Opportunities

Hive works internally on projects within our portfolio to build their profile and our understanding. We also use them to bolster our student and undergraduate initiatives by providing further training, development and employment opportunities.

The projects are open to a variety of agreements to advance them, especially as the scientific understanding grows and exploration requirements increase. We are happy to discuss vending projects, joint ventures or other investments that are beneficial to all.

To find out more, please feel free to contact us.

Andy leading an investor tour for our client