360 Archiving & Sample Photography


This is a relatively new technology that is seeing applications in many industries, and we are proud to bring it into the exploration and mining sphere.  360 archiving offers the opportunity to capture rock and mineral specimen photos for use in a variety of outlets, including websites. Some of the core benefits include:

  • Capturing of representative samples before lab work ‘destroys’ specimen
  • Detailed cataloguing of rock and mineral types for a project that is easy to curate online
  • Images capture rocks before oxidation affects samples, especially high-sulphide ones
  • Negates need for long-term storage of specimens

The images have a great educational function too, as images can be presented with ‘hotspots’ than an online user can interact with, which then shows more detailed imagery and information. It is the perfect way to engage your investors as the interactive images helps to draw them to your website.

This is also a perfect Hive project as students / graduates can use the system to capture the images and then create the information tied to that sample, learning about the rocks as they undertake the project. An example of the 360 output can be seen below. Users can manipulate the image, zoom and also click on the hotspots for more information.



Archiving Costs


Costs associated with archiving projects vary on the needs of the client and the ultimate output. Needless to say, it is being seen as an economical way to showcase specimens and document a project. Contact us to discuss your project so we can tailor a custom quote.